0147C: This Post Is About Toys

This will mostly be a photo post to go over recent toy acquisitions. The first set involve those that we acquired while in Singapore. The second set involve the fun stuff that we found while at Greenhills today. You gotta love the Christmas season.

I'm so happy, this is how I feel:

So from a toy perspective, this is what we got while in Singapore:

It's an odd mix of Transformers and plushies. Oh, and the quirky LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader LED Head Lamp that my sister got for me. Why on Earth would anyone need an LED head lamp? Well, it's the perfect thing to have while cleaning your Transformers or unboxing new toys for the first time! Always nice to have your own light source.

The real gems of the Singapore trip are the two new Totoro figures that join our previously acquired Totoro here at the Sietch. Just look at them all together - don't they look so happy?

Today we headed over to Greenhills primarily for me to place my pre-order for MP-13 Masterpiece Soundwave, as discussed in previous blog entries. But given it was a big pre-Christmas sale weekend at Greenhills especially focused on various toys and collectibles, you know this was a recipe for disaster - at least from the perspective of my wallet.

So this is what we went home with:

Pardon the odd angle - my new Destron Sixshot totally skewed the photo angle. And beyond getting the ultimate one-robot Decepticon army, Tobie picked up this real gem of a purchase:

It's B-MO from Adventure Time! Sure he cost an arm and a leg (pretty much the price of both Finn and Jake in a similar scale), but he's such a rare figure to see outside of North America, it remains a rather prudent purchase. And besides, who doesn't love B-MO, right?

So yeah, it's a happily geeky day indeed. Credit card regret comes in 30 days! LOL
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