0147B: Oh Christmas Tree...

So this won't be a very long blog post since I really don't have much time left. After running bank errands, I called up Tobie to wake him up and ask if he wanted to join me for lunch at Ali Mall, since I was out anyway. He eventually woke up and agreed and in the meantime I snagged a copy of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the PS3. Well, that and Kettle Korn.

And after our lunch at Rai-Rai Ken, I was consumed by our big project before all the gaming sessions this weekend:

This is our very first Christmas tree here at the Sietch. And on a personal note, this is my very first Christmas tree of my own ever since I moved out back in 2003. So yeah, this is kind of a big deal for me.

The tree as a P150 deal from National Bookstore. The combined cost of all the decor (the tree topper and the garlands) comes out to being more than the tree when you get down to it. The lights are nice LED rice lights that we picked up at Shopwise. The little Christmas ball ornaments are from IKEA that we picked up while in Singapore.

And yeah, those are Transformers below them, guarding the tree from Kringus or whatever. And those little boxes are actually little dioramas of various scenes from The Nightmare Before Christmas that we had also picked up while in Singapore. Great find, really.

Oh, and I got Tobie an early Christmas gift:

Pretty, yes?