0147A: Singapore Gaming Swag

My first day at work was as hectic as expected - perhaps even a bit more so. I wish I could spend more time ranting about work and all that, but of course that would be unprofessional. So let's talk about other things to get my mind off of the stress.

Small consolation is that it'll be Thanksgiving over in the US by tonight, and so I don't expect too many new work tasks to come along and join the party. Fingers crossed!

So over the next few days, I'll spend some time discussing the various items that we acquired while in Singapore. Let's face it, shopping is sort of the main past time over there apart from the occasional play or whatever social event strikes your fancy.

Today's feature involves the various gaming-related items that we had purchased primarily at Paradigm Infinitum, a gaming shop that has proven to be a mandatory stop for Tobie and me whenever we find ourselves in Singapore. And while the bulk of the store remains focused on the Warhammer 40,000 game and its figures, they also carry a wide assortment of board games and a number of RPG books as well. Oh, and they also sell graphic novels for you comic book fans out there.

So pretty much all of the items in this photo were purchased at Paradigm, save for the Doctor Who Ultimate Monster Guide that I had picked up at Kinokuniya. I have it in the photo since admittedly the book was purchased as a gaming resource for the Doctor Who RPG that Tobie had purchased during his last trip to Singapore without me. So if we have more players join a game, at least we now have this awesome resource with complete write-ups for all the monsters until the David Tennant run of Doctor Who including production notes on the evolution of the various characters.

The Munchkin sets aren't meant for us, actually. They were requests from friends who have been struggling to find a copy of the main set over there. It is somewhat ironic that we do not own a copy of the main set for ourselves, but then that can be rectified eventually. The other games were more interesting at this point - the new shuffle battle game Smash Up and the classic strategy game Settlers of Catan. While we've played a lot of Carcassonne, we've never gotten around to playing the sister game and so it's about time that we got started. Smash Up just seemed campily cool and I expect that we'll have an easier time finding players for that game when the time comes.

Ars Magica is Tobie's official RPG purchase for this trip, although he was really hoping to find more White Wolf books instead. It's said to be the RPG that the White Wolf game Mage was based around and it should be an interesting experience, once we get around to finding time to play it. If anything, it's still a beautiful book to have.

And last we bought new dice. In previous trips we had invested a lot in various D10 dice sets made by Chessex. During another trip I even bought myself a Chessex dice boot. This time around we opted to buy new D6 dice sets to augment our Houses of the Blooded games. Given how many of John Wick's games involve your "basic" D6's, it seems only logical that we get some prettier dice of this variety.

And that's all she wrote for now. I'll try to feature some of the toys in more detail tomorrow - or perhaps even all the shirts that we actually bought while there. Yes it sounds crazy, but we actually bought shirts. What a crazy life!
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