01479: Back to Non-Singapore Reality

The followed us home from Singapore
Well, we're back in Manila. And while our trip to Singapore was rather short, it was certainly eventful. Then again, isn't travel always that way? But talk about extremes - last night we were whisked away to the 1960's thanks to the musical Jersey Boys and tonight I'll be back at work trying to get through all my backlog tasks.

Our last day in Singapore was our most cultural one. Between The Art of the Brick exhibit at the ArtScience Museum and Jersey Boys, we certainly expanded our minds in different ways. And I'm ultimately happy that we have another magnet to add to our refrigerator collection, hehe.

But before all that, we also managed to find a few interesting toys. A repeat visit Chinatown finally yielded some new Transformers for me. I went home with the wonderfully intact pair of Steeljaw and Ramhorn and the guilty pleasure that is Transformers Generations Junkyard. I know that he's "just" a redeco of Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar, having two distinct Junkions means that you can better recreate scenes from the 1986 movie!

I'll try to better document the rest of our purchases at a later time.

But for now I need to rest. I'm totally beat after all that walking. More thoughts on Singapore when I've gathered my wits more.
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