01478: Time Flies

I thought I'd get today's blog post out of the way sooner since I'm expecting that we'll arrive home pretty late. Plus given this is our last night in Singapore, things tend to get pretty crazy as we dash off to the airport. Thus taking advantage of this pocked of calm before we head out for the day.

It has been a rather fun trip even if only a short one. I wish we could have mapped out a longer stay but then we can only manage so much given our work responsibilities. Besides, it'll probably drain our savings accounts entirely if Tobie and I stayed longer than we have thus far. And besides, we're bound to make another trip to Singapore early next year.

I know in the past I had remarked that Puerto Galera had become the sort of home province for the ASA Family, which was true enough at the time. But now that the ASA Family is quite over, it only makes sense that the Puerto Galera declaration is pretty moot at this point. And now if I were to "declare" a home "province" for myself, then it would definitely be Singapore. Home is where family is after all and it only makes sense that going to visit my sister is important enough to ensure that it's a fairly regular thing. And with the way travel rates are, it's still cheaper for us to fly all the way to Singapore versus trying to visit places like Boracay or Coron. Plus there's so much to do here.

Today's agenda actually includes revisiting both Chinatown and Orchard Road to catch a few things that we missed yesterday. Then we'll be off to Marina Bay Sands to check out the museum and eventually watch Jersey Boys later tonight. Admittedly this play is what initially triggered this whole Singapore trip to begin with - which has sort of been the case for many of our past trips. Yay for theater!