01477: Geeky Shopping Day

Now most folks visit Singapore to shop, especially when it comes to clothes and gadgets. But Tobie and I are fairly gadget light (at least compared to most other geeks) and we're pretty content with what we have. And it is only recently that we have started to learn to buy more clothes, although we both continue to wear shirts that have been among our possessions for more than 10 years.

This is Smash Up out of box
What we do visit Singapore for is the geekier brand of shopping, and this includes looking for new games at Paradigm Infinitum - so much so that Tobie actually signed up for membership in order to get discounts. This time around we picked up some new Chessex D6's (regular dice), our own copy of the main set of The Settlers of Catan, and a new game called Smash Up, which seems pretty promising. Other geeky items found today include the Doctor Who Ultimate Monster Guide, some official Totoro plushies and the main book for Ars Magica, another tabletop RPG system. And while he was really hoping for more White Wolf game books they're just so hard to find these days.

This bag is THE BOMB!
Oh, and did I fail to mention that I am now the proud owner of an official Tintin backpack? It certainly cost me an arm and a leg but it's still a pretty beautiful bag. Plus it's geekily tricked out with a ridiculous number of pockets and compartments, plus it ultimately serves as a pretty decent laptop bag - or perhaps more of a netbook back given its relative size. So we didn't get new Tintin shirts this time around, but I now have this awesome bag. So much awesomeness! Let's say awesome one more time!


But of course that means in about a month I'll need to deal with all he new credit card bills that will inevitably come, but it's okay. A lot of these purchases will end up getting tagged against my 13th month pay and thus I won't be able to indulge as much come December. But then again, how can one not take advantage of such great geeky finds!

So now my feet are complaining like heck about all the walking that we did today. And on the side my wallet is chiming in given how quickly the money seems to be going away. But such is the geeky life.

Outside of the geeky purchases, we also enjoyed some traditional kaya toast at Ya Kun, attacked a massive plate of Monster Curry and of course capped off the night with some lovely dimsum at Din Tai Fung. Yay Singapore gluttony!
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