01474: Geeky Symbology

In Transformers lore, the Matrix has had many names and even more functions and purposes. At its simplest, as it were, it is the Autobot Matrix of Leadership - both a symbol of the continued leadership of the Primes over the years and yet also serves as a way to access the past wisdom of those Primes. In some ways it has functioned like a weapon was used to defeat Unicron. It has also served the role of the Creation Matrix, mainly in the comics. Beyond being a symbol of Autobot leadership across the centuries, it is explained that the Matrix taps into the power of Primus, sort of the Autobot deity as a counterpart to Unicron being a force of evil and destruction.

Regardless of which version of the Matrix that you prefer (just not the one that appeared in the Michael Bay movies, please), this remains to be a very powerful symbol for Transformers fans. It always represents hope for the future and better things to come.

And symbols are important, no matter how logical or rational we claim to be as individuals. There is a power in symbols that stems from belief and that spark of hope that we all possess in our hearts. We give power to symbols since fundamentaly, human beings are not perfectly logical, rational beings. Emotions sway us and make us do stupid things. Instinct drives us more than our conscious mind can at times and we follow our hearts with abandon.

Don't belittle symbols. Sure, the ones that we have or carry around don't necessarily have the power to destroy a transforming planet that threatens all life. But they certainly help us get through the day and give us something to look forward to.

And of course something to live for.