01473: Staying Happy on Yoshi's Birthday

Well, work was rather busy (to say the least!) and it was quite the struggle to get through. But I remain confident about having met my deliverables for the day and I'm still on track in general. Definitely not out of the woods just yet and I have quite a long and winding road ahead as I address all the deadlines floating around. I'm definitely busy well until the end of the month, and that still would have been the case even had Tobie and I not been scheduled to go to Singapore this weekend.

So let's focus on more positive things instead.

The Birthday Boy
Today is Yoshi's birthday! Yes, our adorable little dog is finally one full year old and quite as chipper as ever. We celebrated by enjoying Yoshi's favorite treat as of late - BANANAS! I picked up some banana cue from the vendor out front for Tobie and me while Yoshi enjoyed the fresh banana that Tobie had brought home yesterday. I swear, it is absolutely hilarious how crazy that dog is for bananas. It's, well, bananas, to take the obvious pun.

I've actually already switched him over to adult dog food since it didn't make sense to buy another puppy bag. And my family has come to trust Eukanuba more than any other brand when it comes to our dogs. It costs more, definitely, but the longer term health benefits will definitely pay off, I'm sure.

There are so many negative things going on around the social web these days, that it's getting rather disappointing on several levels. I really don't want to comment on the specifics - instead I'll try to focus on more important, or at least more constructive matters.

First, I want to take the time to run a series of blog posts to refute Sen. Tito Sotto's entire anti-RH Bill speech point by point. It'll be a long and grueling process, especially since it means I'll need to read his 4-part speech more than once. But it still feels like a more than worthwhile endeavor and thus it's worth working on earnestly.

And more importantly, I'm trying to get the word out that the Manila Pride March is still in need of additional sponsors and any donations along those lines would be a great help as well. Donations can be made via direct deposit or even through PayPal if that's your thing. So help support the fight for LGBT rights! Donate to the Manila Pride March and be sure to tell all your friends to do the same!
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