01472: When Things Balance Out

Wish I knew the artist behind this beautiful Transformers Classics / Universe style poster

As predicted, my workload spiked today. I have a major deadline on the 30th apart from the other task due on the 3rd of December. And I'm expecting another item to join the fun on the 16th, so I'll three major deadlines to worry about. Definitely not a lot of fun ahead, and this adds undue pressure to the Singapore trip next week. I'll do my best to relax, but there's nothing quite like work deadlines to complicate even the grandest of vacations.

But we endure, yes?

There are a few things that Tobie and I still need to attend to before the big trip. Beyond the basic stuff like packing our gear, we also need to make sure the Sietch is safely secured and that we finalize our arrangements for Yoshi. We've already gotten the commitment of a friend to watch over him while we're away and that means making sure Yoshi is presentable and has sufficient supplies. Add in our plants and the lone fighting fish that still survives in the dressing room and the Sietch has its fair share of things to watch out for.

And as usual I have my personal "obligations" to ensure that I have sufficient blog posts for the Geeky Guide even while we're out of the country. I expect that I won't have that much time to write during the trip itself, as is typically the case. You know how it is - you tend to live every moment to its fullest when you're out of town, what more out of the country.

That's all I have energy to write for now. On to other chores in the interim. Or whatever.
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