01470: Not Quite the Geeky Traveler

I woke up this afternoon to rain. Nothing too heavy, but enough to bring the temperature down a degree or two, which is always a good thing. The rain won't last too long, I expect, but at the very list it'll remain overcast today.

My work week will remain busy, I expect. And while it's just normal to have various tasks to deal with, I just have this feeling that I continue to have a slightly above average number of things on my plate. Call it instincts or whatever. At the end of the day I'll get things done of course, but first I need to get to the end of this week.

This past weekend was really nice. Nothing too extravagant in terms of activities, which seems to be how most folks generally measure the relative "value" of their weekends. But it's different strokes for different folks after all and I'm more than content not needing to travel around the country or something like that. Between gaming and spending more time at the Sietch to rest and recharge, it was certainly a good thing.

But not all travel is bad, of course. And while it's only Monday, the weekend is definitely something to look forward to. Tobie and I will be flying out to Singapore to visit my sister and to catch the staging of Jersey Boys. We won't be there all that long - just a scant three days when you get down to it. But I know it's going to be a good trip - it's always nice to see my sister again after all. And it's not like we're even going to try to fill every moment with tourist-type activities. Realistically we're bound to spend more time at my sister's place or something.

Singapore is the only travel destination that has become an absolute must with every passing year. Between the cultural entertainment the city offers, the relative ease of travel and of course most importantly my sister, Singapore remains the place to visit. And quite frankly, going to Singapore, when planned out well, ends up being more affordable than going to Boracay. And a heck of a lot more pleasant! And while this does not mean that I won't invest time in traveling around the country when able, it's just not a major priority as compared to Singapore. Whenever the chance to go comes up, you cna be assured that I'm going to take it.

And such is the week ahead.
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