0146F: Gaming Left and Right

Mahar's new dice tray
Another gaming weekend - and this time with two gaming sessions and not just one! And given we'll be out of town next week, it's good that we've made sure to get some decent gaming in before the madness of international travel.

Saturday night was our Houses of the Blooded session with what has become the current Saturday group. It was a relatively shorter session since we lacked one player and I had woken up a tad late due to having stayed up to catch Skyfall with Tobie beforehand. But it was a very meaningful session in terms of plot points achieved and various other character moments.

What is most fun is when we identity a suitable celebrity to help embody various characters in the game. It helps further define the characters and makes them easier to imagine. In the current game, I now find myself allying with a rather fierce Judi Dench - think the single-minded determination of M from the James Bond movies with the sass of Queen Elizabeth in Shakespeare in Love. Totally, totally fierce indeed. But given this is a game about drama and tragedy, I don't expect even this to help me in the long wrong. Such is the life of the Ven.

Today's game is the on-going Agenda game, using the three related systems of Adventure, Aberrant and Aeon Trinity. It's a very tricky game to manage since each player has three different sets of character sheets to handle. I've actually been in this position before with our past Mage-inspired Singularity game where I had the sheets for two additional robot characters that my character had built, him being your classic mad scientist type.

My Adventure character is your classic James Bond type super spy. Aberrant character is your big corporation guy running a superhero team while possessing the power to command others or disable abilities. And my Aeon Trinity character is your corporate flunkie with powers of electronics and various aspects of the light spectrum. And how the characters will connect to one another across the years of history should prove interesting indeed.

Judi Dench at the BAFTAs at the Royal Opera Ho...
Judi Dench  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Other than gaming, we at least hit our movie watching goal and totally enjoyed Skyfall. That movie was totally focused on M as a character, which probably helped further inspire my role-playing turns with the Judi Dench character. And today Tobie and I enjoyed the Mongolian buffet at Sweet Inspirations before heading back here for the game. We're still set to try to hit the massage later tonight, if only to help Tobie relieve his on-going back pains.

Gods I love Judi Dench. I now want to re-watch all of her James Bond movies AND other movies that I've missed over the years including Notes on a Scandal and such. Such a classy, classy lady indeed.

So that's the weekend for now. Things appear to be going rather well.
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