0146E: Shifting to Saturday Mode

Hello weekend, my old friend. It's been another one of those crazy weeks - somewhat natural, I suppose, especially given the fact that I'm alone in handling the responsibilities of the department. I'm still working on finding a replacement, but I know it will continue to take time to ensure that we find a truly qualified candidate. And it's so hard to handle the recruitment efforts yourself - my work week ended with me conducting phone interviews, believe it or not. And I'm not even talking about final validation interviews - these are first level phone interviews!

But enough about work.

This weekend Tobie and I are looking forward to more gaming and perhaps a little movie time as well. Definitely no O Bar trips in the foreseeable future. And perhaps a massage session if we get lucky. It really depends on how things will pan out between what the both of us need to juggle in terms of obligations. Fingers and toes crossed!

On the movie front, we hope to catch Skyfall later today. Tobie still has work to deal with, but that's normal for Saturdays. But right before we step out we're watching an episode of Fringe first.

For gaming, we have two main schedules mapped out. Tonight the big Houses of the Blooded group will be back here at the Sietch. It's interesting how this group came together like it did and now we get to meet pretty much every weekend. And it's a rather diverse and fun group that makes for some very interesting joint storytelling indeed. On Sunday we have a game mapped out with Mahar but sadly no Urim this time around. But we'll get by - the story needs to advance after all.

And as for the massage, well, we'll see if we can squeeze in a repeat trip to Spa Manoli, the nice place that we got to try out last week. Tobie's back is still hurting and I could certainly use some pampering after the varied stress of the work week.

And that's the weekend for now.
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