0146C: More Transformers Ogling

Today has been rather busy. Again. But I suppose that's to be expected given I'm the only one keeping my particular department afloat. Marking is just one of those sorts of versatile functions I suppose and I'm able to manage things well enough for now.

So let's talk about Transformers instead. Enough work stress for the day indeed.

I've previously discussed the upcoming Masterpiece Transformers in a dedicated blog spot, but I figured it would be fun to revisit things. Especially since there are a number of new figures coming out even beyond the Masterpiece line. But we most definitely had to start with this latest image of MP-13, MP-15 and MP-16 all together that's been going around. It's Masterpiece Soundwave with his little cassette tape army. Aren't they glorious?

I have to figure out how I want to handle the pre-order before the end of November. By then we'll reach the cut-off and I'll have to scamble to find him after all the pre-orders have been fulfilled.

Now the Fall of Cybertron sub-line that's a part of the overall Transformers Generations line of toys has started to take shape thanks to teaser images released by Hasbro. And some of the more exciting figures are all Voyager-class robots, which is one of the larger sizes of Transformer figures. It'll be easier to go over the images first before I discuss things in detail.

These first two images are obviously repaints of one another. Soundwave appears to be just a larger version of the Cybertronian Soundwave released as a Deluxe figure previously  The main different is the position of his gun while in vehicle mode and the fact that Laserbeak now has a data disc alternate mode instead of a cassette tape. Soundblaster is in reference to the Japanese version of Soundwave, or at least the rebuilt version that came back after Soundwave had been "killed" in their version of the Transformers cartoon. I'm thinking it might make more sense to get Soundblaster over Soundwave just to mix things up a bit. Or I'll probably end up getting both figures in time.

Oh, and did I fail to mention that they'l also releasing companion packs for other data disc warriors like Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage and Ratbat? Oh yes indeed.

On the Autobot side of the equation, they are also releasing Voyager class figures for Blaster (a redeco of Soundwave) and a new Grimlock mold. New Dinobot figures are always welcome, especially one as big as a Voyager figure. It's just a shame that they have not made any announcements about other Dinobots to accompany our great leader.
The very ORANGE Ruination

There are a number of cool Deluxe class figures that are also expected to be released early next year including Fall of Cybertron versions of Starscream, Insecticon and Sideswipe. Plus there's a repainted version of FoC Bruticus that's redone in homage to the Wreckers, who were really more popular in the cartoons. I'm not quite sure if I want to bother investing in Ruination just yet.

Sixshot Comparison
But all those are upcoming figures. This one is already available now. For about P6,700, the reissue of Sixshot (the shinier version on the left) can finally be mine. I've wanted this figure for like the longest time starting when I was just a kid. But I never managed to find a decent one in stores and so the dream of getting one for myself passed. But the current reissue through Takara is an Asia-exclusive figure that follows the original mold but decides to add a lot more shiny chrome detailing and even weapons. It looks pretty good, but I just worry that the chrome details made fade.

The plan for now is to wait for the Singapore trip first before purchasing anything locally. We just might stumble across a good deal or two and that may affect my more immediate shopping plans. But I will definitely make sure to pre-order Masterpiece Soundwave when we get back. I MUST have that figure!