0146B: A Political End to the Day

So I just got home after another client meeting, although this one took place off-site. I could have made this an "official" company meeting, but I wanted to make sure I screened them first before endorsing them further up the food chain. Besides, this side of the job is rather interesting, even though it's tiring.

Because I'm a sucker for the ERMAHGERD meme
In more important news, Barack Obama has been effectively re-elected as President of the United States for another term, which is a very good thing indeed. And while the irony is not lost on me that I and many other citizens of the world at large are more interested in the results of the US elections than our own, we can't deny the power the US wields. And if anyone should be running that country, at the very least it should NOT be Mitt Romney.

So along those lines, here's a big HURRAH for Obama! Now can everyone please stop with the "once you go black" jokes?

I know, I know, those who know me remember the fact that I continue to actively abstain from local elections since I never feel that any of the nominees are worth voting for. Everyone chides me for abusing my right to vote or taking some sort of coward's stand out of things, but seriously, just look at our government. In the US we know what the issues are and what each candidate truly represents. Here we had a great majority of Filipinos supporting Nonoy because of what his parents' legacy, many of which now condemn his ineptitude and lack of true political will. Many senators that people proudly proclaimed as being the best hope for this country are the same ones who "accidentally" voted the Cybercrime Law into reality.

And you wonder why I'm so jaded. If I were a US citizen, then I'd gladly make the effort to vote every year. But I'm not and I'll continue to protest our political system by abstaining until I actually come across a political nominee who is cut from a different cloth entirely. I imagine that I'll be waiting for a LONG time.

In lighter news, I saw this beauty of a LEGO set on my way home from my lunchtime meeting. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the LEGO Ultimate Collector's Edition R2-D2. This crazy set is being sold for P20,000 locally (which is more than DOUBLE its list price in the US) and stands roughly 32 cm tall and about 20 cm wide once fully assembled. Had it not been so expensive, I would be all over it. But as it stands, I can afford to get Masterpiece Soundwave and the 4 additional Masterpiece cassette figures and still have a few thousand pesos change leftover for good measure. LEGO is CRAZY expensive here, it's just ridiculous.

Had the pricing of LEGO sets not been so ridiculous, I can totally see myself having a much larger collection here at the Sietch (and probably a much scarier credit card bill. But it's simply not sustainable at current rates and thus I'm than happy sticking to my Transformers habit. Even the upcoming Singapore trip is sure to have some time dedicated to a little Transformers canvassing in order to make the most of things.

Otherwise, I'm pretty beat and I can totally see myself getting some sleep very, very soon. It's just a question or whether or not I can find time to read a bit before retiring for bed.
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