0146A: At the End of a Long Day

Client meetings always leave me feeling utterly drained. And I recognize it's not necessarily because of the amount of physical activity involved in these visits. It probably has more to do with how much I inevitably stress myself out during these visits as I try to make sure to cover every single possible angle. Everything needs to happen just right and thus I end up endless fussing over things well until the very last minute. And it didn't help that this visit was conducted at our QC site, which is away from my typical base of operations in the company.

At least the visit had ended earlier than anticipated - although that's also because it had started earlier than planned (which was a source of stress in itself too). So while I got home earlier than I had projected, I still feel dead tired. I'm just too stubborn to skip on my daily blogging routine just now and thus I'm still awake. Silly geek priorities, I know.

Ugh, it's taking me too long to put this post together. My brain is so beat.

I have a rather busy work week ahead of me. Beyond this visit, which was a fairly big ticket item on my agenda, I still have a number of tasks that I'll need to address over the course of this week. And knowing my luck, I know that I'll have new tasks and initiatives that will take up even more of my time in the weeks to come.

I really need to work towards finding help for this role, but it's not an easy position to fill. I've gone through quite a number of resumes and yet none of them really struck me as high potential candidates. And of course I want to make sure that I get someone who meets all the necessary qualifications for the job. Otherwise I'll end up needing to check and re-check this person's work and that won't alleviate the stress of my job at all. Oh fun.

Okay, this isn't really going anyway. All I've done is clearly stress the fact that I'm tired and my brain isn't able to come up with anything more creative than this. Pffft.

I'm heading to bed.