01463: Sleep Challenges

I'm awake again.

I had fallen asleep shortly after arriving home from work - one of those days, I suppose. And yet when I think about it I actually got more than enough sleep the night before. If anything, I'm starting to feel like I've been getting a bit too much sleep as of late. Then again, the longer weekend allowed me the luxury of actually sleeping at night versus during the day and I am beginning to suspect this is why I'm awake again now. This doesn't bode well for my work schedule, but it's one of the usual consequences of the industry that I'm in. And given this is yet another holiday week, I foresee even greater challenges ahead.

My biggest quirk is the fact that once I wake up after any amount of sleep, I end up needing to be awake for a good few hours. Once I'm awake, I'm really awake. It's just how things go for me. And thus I'm now blogging while we have episodes of Star Trek: the Next Generation episodes playing in the background. Bynars!

I guess sleep will have to wait for later.

I'm juggling a few ailments of rather limited degree at this point. There's a pain in my throat which sometimes manifests as a cough - potentially asthma related but I'm not entirely sure. And I have had an annoyingly lingering case of the sniffles - at first I thought it was related to allergies but now I'm not so sure. Cold medicine helps reduce it to some degree but otherwise my nose is all leaky for the most part. And that can be pretty annoying.

I'm only taking Friday shift off given the holidays, but if my workload is light enough I may ask for Thursday off as well. It really depends on my health situation and whether or not it degrades further as the week continues. I certainly don't hope for that, but I'd be foolish not to plan for it either.

We shall see.