01462: Monday Tra-La-La

It's funny how despite the fact that I've hardly left the Sietch this weekend, last night I was dead tired and slept around midnight despite having just woken up at around 03:00pm in the afternoon. Oh life.

Then again, we did have a rather epic gaming session that started around 08:00pm Saturday and ended past 07:00am. And this game had taken place despite my lack of sleep beforehand since I had Sulit.com committed meet-ups that I needed to get around to. And I'm not complaining here - the game was totally worth it. I'm just trying to puzzle through why I was still feeling tired last night despite having a full amount of sleep after the game. At least that's the theory here.

Today I was up by 06:30am (and yes, I realize how much I'm discussing time this early into this blog post) and I just stayed in bed reading more comics while waiting for Tobie to wake up. Eventually he got up as well and we had a rather hearty breakfast while mapping out the day.

The top of the list were a number of errands that needed to be addressed. I needed to drop by the bank since last Friday had been a holiday. Then the Bayantel Wireless phone stopped charging over the weekend and so it was due for a repair check-up. And the day was lovely enough to warrant wanting to go out. And so Tobie and I made a day of it and he accompanied me on the errands and the eventual mall time.

Our time at the bank went pretty well despite this being the first banking day after a long weekend, and that's a good thing. I really like the customer service commitment demonstrated by our particular branch. It's always such a pleasure to do business with them. And Bayantel wasn't that bad either (and I've had some pretty bad experiences in the past) - and it helps that I'm a Wireless customer and not a regular landline customer. I didn't have to deal with a queue and it turned out we were eligible for a full phone replacement for free instead of just repairing the phone. And given the initial diagnostic efforts weren't too successful, it looks like we really didn't have any other option but to have the phone replaced. As much as mobile phones are highly practical for a wide number of reasons, there's nothing quite like have a pretty solid unit like this one on-hand.

Otherwise we just went around the different commercial establishments that compose Araneta Center. That means Ali Mall, SM Cubao and just Shopwise for today. We didn't go a far as Gateway this time around. We're currently on the look-up for a few appliances to replace those that aren't working so well now. We're in the market for a new water dispenser and a microwave as well. Based on our canvassing it looks like it will cost us a fair amount so we didn't get around to purchasing anything just yet. Tobie picked up a PS3 game and I decided to hold back a bit more. Hay budgeting.

And then we capped it off with lunch at Bon Chon Chicken. It wasn't too bad, but I'm not completely sold on it either. I'm happier  by the fact that there's a Jamaican Patty stand at Shopwise now. Yay for that!
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