01461: Non-Party Mode

I think I'm back in one of my, well, "post-party" phases of my life. Thees are the periods when I don't see the "need" to hit the queer club scene on the weekend anymore. And while I do enjoy partying with friends in general, I currently in a state when I don't feel like it needs to be a regular part of my routine. And this should be a generally good thing considering it means less alcohol in my system and for the most part less bar-related spending. So yay?

On a somewhat related note, I'm also starting to disengage from all those location-based queer dating apps like Grindr and Growlr. Similar to the club scene, I also find myself getting tired of dealing with all these folks on these apps. To be fair, it's not like I'm chatting up a storm these days (or ever) - my "market" with respect to gay men has always been rather limited. So I think this particular experiment with queer dating, so to speak, may need to come to an end very soon. I have better things to do after all.

Case in point last night we had a rather epic Houses of the Blooded game session with a few friends. We had 5 players in total plus Tobie running the story overall and it mode for a pretty awesome story. This particular RPG system is highly dramatic in nature and thus having so many diverse personalities together for a single game truly made for some pretty great scenes and weird one-liners here and there. While this is only the second time I've tried getting into this particular game, I think I'm getting a better hang of the system now and I definitely see some of the advantages.

And ironically enough, as much as I'm rather anti-social in person, I find that I am frequently a rather social player when it comes to how I manage my characters in these game sessions. I think it has a lot to do the writer in me and how I like co-authoring the stories behind these games. Or something along those lines.

The game actually ended well past sunrise this morning and so I spent most of Sunday sleeping in. And now I'm just watching more episodes of Transformers Animated while Tobie is spending time with his folks for the usual "November obligations" if you get my drift.

Happy Sunday folks.
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