0145D: Transformers Recovery Therapy Success

by fargnay via deviantART
I most absolutely need to start this post by ranting about the weather. It is just wonderfully delightful right now. There's a very steady, chill breeze blowing through the Sietch right now. The sun is still out there but nicely muted by clouds. And it's not exactly raining either. It's that perfect balance that one rarely achieves in a tropical country. It's precisely the kind of day that makes me wish that I had a nice garden to sit in either through the aid of some lawn chairs, a hammock or an ant-free tree and then just spend the afternoon reading while occasionally staring up at the clouds. Yes, that's how it feels right now.

It's the kind of weather that completely wipes your troubles away and helps you forget how weird and stressful things got at work. The world is so awesome.

I'm in a much better mood now - which is quite the relief in comparison to my blog entries over the past two weeks. I was briefly going over them and I have to admit, I haven't been sounding like much fun. And while today's weather has a lot to do that, you may have also noticed that I felt the need to up my Transformers-related activities as well in order to cope. And as crazy as it sounds, I think it's a fair enough conclusion to make that my efforts have been quite successful.

But of course my rather in-depth Transformers therapy has involved (1) buying new Transformers, (2) unboxing some of my unopened Transformers, (3) catching up on Transformers comics, (4) finally watching Transformers Animated and, (5) hunting down other rare Transformers online. So yes, this is rather expensive therapy to boot!

Now normally my "hunting" activities would rely on me scouring various toy stores, especially the Mecca of all toys that is Greenhills. But despite repeated plans to go there, things never seem to pan out and thus we never manage to return to the old stomping grounds. And it's not like I'm banking all that much on Greenhills either - most of the figures that I've been looking for recently like the Asia-exclusive Generations figures ended up appearing on store shelves in places like the nearby Rustan's and SM. So go figure.

But in my really bad moments at work I end up wanting to see more Transformers figures for one reason or another - hey, it calms me down. And with the official Hasbro Transformers site blocked at the office for some unknown reason (don't look at me!) I ended up looking at other places around the web. Don't worry - eBay.ph is safely blocked at work. However Sulit.com isn't

Pretty much these guys + Ratchet
So I've managed to secure deals to acquire some fairly rare Transformers Universe figures - and note that the Universe line is the sort of ancestor of the current Generations line given both are focused on creating new Transformers figures in the G1 style. I first found a guy who has both Sideswipe and Sunstreaker still in their boxes, which is cool. I have exchanged messages with him and I am on track to get the toys this Saturday. And just today I found another guy who has both Ironhide and Ratchet - and I don't care if they're repaints of one another! I am so going to get them, too! And it's a payday week! Tough luck wallet!

And before you think me irresponsible, I'm not. I only buy Transformers with the money that is left to me after I put 20% of my gross pay in savings and allocate the necessary resources to pay the bills. I may not eat as much as I'd like to in the next two weeks, but then again it's not like I couldn't afford to lose a little weight.

And besides, they're so worth it. At least they are to me. And that's all that matter right now, yes?

And looking at my collection at present, I may need to consider where I might be able to source a few more figures for next payday - specifically Universe Smokescreen and Silverstreak. Hmm...

Oh crap there was a Universe Roadbuster? Frak!!!