0145A: Super Lazy Sunday Mode

It has definitely been a lazy weekend thus far. Apart from watching Argo yesterday at Gateway with Tobie, pretty much haven't left the house all weekend. And there's no real issue about this - I'm perfectly content to stay home.

Even Yoshi needs to relax
Staying home means a number of things. Of course we'll never get away from the joy of catching up on the various TV shows that Tobie and I download on our own. We watch a few movies whether on DVD or also acquired from the web. Perhaps some time on the PS3 or just quality time with Yoshi are also good activities. We both have our respective blogs to work on or we just end up sleeping through the day. And given our strange our respective schedules end up being, sleep is always a gift you never turn your back on.

So the day has been a lot of that thus far. Nothing too stressful. Just a lot of rest and recovery here at the Sietch. A massage would be totally tempting right now, but I also don't see us needing to leave the house just yet. So yeah, we'll make the most of what we can do here for now.

I also spent some time with my Transformers today - and I still have quite a number of them to unbox and playtest for the first time. Thus far I've only spent time with Transformers Animated Safeguard, which admittedly has a really stupid name. How do you end up with a semi-gestalt Transformer named Safeguard after combining Jetfire and Jetstorm? Yeah, some naming conventions just don't make any sense at all.

I seem to be an a sort of unintentional hiatus from the queer bar scene as of late, and I don't seem myself breaking that impasse anytime soon. It's only a bit more noticeable during times like this since before Sunday nights were guaranteed to be O Bar nights, and this was even before Prince entered our lives. But things have naturally been a bit weird after that period and now I don't exactly feel eager to return to the old haunt. Maybe things will be better when they move to the new location - but I still don't foresee a visit anytime in the near to mid future.

Beyond all this, I've ended up reading a LOT of Transformers comics this weekend. How fun. And while some of the stories are rather mundane and others I've actually read before, some of them just have some wonderfully kickass moments.