01459: Shifting Into Hermit Mode?

In one week, most of the Metro will be celebrating Halloween. While the holiday isn't technically until the 31st, next weekend is the last weekend before the actual day so naturally all the parties are going to fall on during those two days. Case in point, the 27th is the night of the annual Black Party at Malate, and I'm really not feeling up to going.

To be fair, the Black Party has never been a high priority event every year. It's not like queers seriously try to dress up in costumes - that wouldn't necessarily be "hot" enough for most gay men in the city. I mean seriously, most people in the community when asked if they're going to go to something like the Black Party or the White Party - the first question that they're going to ask whether or not they really have to wear clothes of that color. Sheesh, come on! Why attend a theme event if you're not going to participate in the theme? That kind of stuff just infuriates me.

I realize that I have not been back to O Bar since August, and I haven't been to BED since then as well. I kind of miss the bar scene, but with O Bar Ortigas being renovated, I'm not exactly highly motivated to make the trek. And even when O Bar Ortigas re-opens next weekend, I'm still not sure if I'd want to go.

I get into weird anti-social funks like this from time to time. Well, perhaps anti-social is the incorrect term. These are just times when I don't like hitting the bar scene and focus instead on more activities that don't involve getting drunk in smoke-filled locations. Or involve going too far away from the house. And stuff. And I'm definitely feeling one of those moods coming up right now, and I never know how long these are going to last.

It's not a bad thing in itself, I suppose. But it will seem weird to my friends who sort of assume that I'll be at the big public events like the Black Party or whatever. At the very least, I know I'm going to be at the Pride March - that is a non-negotiable commitment that I will make sure that I'm available for no matter what. However, I don't know if I'll stick around for the after party.

I guess I'm lucky that Tobie is still around here at the Sietch. It means that there's someone that I'm forced to interact with despite my hermit tendencies.

Plus it sucks to watch movies alone.