01458: Dental Looping

So it's almost 08:00pm as I write this and I have yet to get any sleep since before work last night. The reason for that is because right after work I had a lengthy session with the dentist (thankfully no extractions - just fillings) and then ended up watching Looper with Tobie immediately after that. And considering I need to get to work in a few hours, I don't have much time to write.

But I don't regret all that had been accomplished today. Geeky devotions like this help keep me sane. And there was no getting around the dental work.

Will we see a version of this xkcd chart for Looper? I doubt it'll all that complicated - but instead animated.
Over the course of two weeks, I have finally addressed years of dental neglect that has resulted in at least 15 of my teeth (pretty much my molars) in need of varying degrees of restoration work. My mouth still feels a bit sore and chewing has it's moments of pain due to sensitive spots in the newly covered areas, but for the most part I'm good. I think the cleaning had been more brutal than the actual drilling work.

So Looper made for a nice "reward" while my teeth were still in recovery mode. The movie had a wonderful premise running the whole show and certainly an interesting story to tell as well. And while there were bits that felt a little awkward from a narrative flow perspective, overall I can definitely say that I liked it. It wasn't as complicated as movies like Inception, but it's certainly still in the same neighborhood. I'll post a full review  on the Geeky Guide come Monday, I expect.

But enough blogging - I really need to get some sleep before my shift tonight.