01457: Masterpiece Transformer Therapy

So apparently I'm not just stress-tired, I may also be sick-tired. When I woke up before shift last night I was feeling rather crummy, but I still pressed on to work. While I did manage to get all my tasks done, I also ended the day feeling aches all over. Needless to say getting home was a different struggle entirely, but I made it okay. I've started myself on paracetamol along with additional doses of vitamin C. Coupled with water therapy and a decent amount of sleep, I should have enough to get to work again tonight.

And as part of my treatment, I'm going to spend the rest of this blog post talking about Transformers. If this bores you, better mosey along now.

MP-13 Soundwave
I've largely ignored the Masterpiece line due to cost issues. Besides, the only figure that I was originally interested in was the US version of Masterpiece Grimlock and the US Masterpiece Rodimus, which I actually bought. I'm partially tempted by MP-11 Masterpiece Coronation Starscream, but only because his purple cape makes him look super gay. I might get MP-10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime, which is different from prior releases since it happens to be smaller (but in scale with the other figures), comes with a trailer and a ridiculously tiny Spike figure!

But then they announced the release of MP-13 Masterpiece Soundwave. Oh gods.

Based on the prototype images, he's going to be quite the gorgeous figure indeed. I've already started budgeting for this figure assuming an end of 2012 release or I will hold the money indefinitely until it hits local shores. The figure comes a new Laserbeak tape that fits in his design.

But then they also mentioned he had the capacity to hold up to three cassettes. So we all knew where this was going eventually.

Today despite feeling rather under the weather and struggling to get to the end of my work day,. I stumbled across the announcement of the line-ups for MP-15 and MP-16. You know where I'm going here, right?

MP-15 Ravage and Frenzy
Now MP-15 is announced to be the set of Ravage and Frenzy. I snagged an image of Ravage alone since, well, just look at him. He's absolutely beautiful! Naturally the tapes are all designed to fit into Masterpiece Soundwave. The great thing about this line is how they don't just aim to create modern updates of various figures but they typically aim to make them better match how they appeared in the Generation 1 cartoon series in 1986. And when you look at Ravage alone, you can see how articulate they made him despite the fact his alternate mode is a rectangular hunk of plastic.

And Frenzy is looking pretty good too, although I opted not to squeeze in his image here. He follows the cartoon palette of Red and Black despite the that the original toy was actually The Purple one.

Of course we've all come to know the "purple one" as Rumble, from the cartoons, and that's what MP-16 is all about. This set features Rumble and Buzzsaw, who is really just a yellow repaint of Laserbeak. While both Rumble and Frenzy have the same molds but different color schemes, the G1 cartoon really did a lot to help us remember this guy a bit more than his counterpart. And yes, technically they both have the awesome earthquake-generating pile-drivers as accessories so it's all good.

Depending on how they'll end up staggering the releases, I can project that my credit card is going to be in a world of hurt when these toys come out. And should they make it to the holiday season when I still have my 13th Month Pay in hand, well, I cannot guarantee your safety should you get in my way.

But beyond the Masterpiece line, there are also a few other figures that are on my radar, this time coming from the Encore line. Encore figures are basically just blatant re-releases from the original G1 line with minor modifications. While I had skipped over the initial Encore version of Devastator, the new Encore 20A - Constructicons Devastator Anime. The "Anime" in the name refers to more cartoon-accurate styling of some of the decals such as Devastator's head and the individual faces of the Constructicon robots. The other figure of primary temptation is the re-release of Sixshot with new chrome guns and other decals.

Oh so tempting. But I feel better just talking about all this. These are the things that make me happy during my down days.


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