01455: An Inconceivable Day

Oh Mondays, why are you so cruel? Despite the fact that I actually got enough sleep before work yesterday and was rather looking forward to my work shift, things just went downhill from the moment I logged in. My tasks for the day decided to breed like rabbits and I ended my day with way more items on my Completed list than what had initially been on my To-Do. And we're not just talking about one or two additional items but more like an pattern that could be plotted using an exponential function. Oh joy.

Needless to say, I ended my work day feeling a lot more tired than I had hoped. Thankfully I made it home okay.

I escaped into the worlds of My Singing Monsters and Cruel Jewels upon getting home since Tobie was still asleep. For the monsters, we've really reached a point where we're just tending them like a stable of sorts as we harvest money, wait for new monsters to grow and expand to new islands. But the Jewels game is another beast entirely.There's nothing quite like hearing the in-game announcer to exclaim "Preposterous!" and "Inconceivable!" to brighten up your day a bit. And abusing Tobie's iPad for games like this is still a heck of a lot healthier than trying to drink away my troubles, right? Although., I really wish they'd port these games over to the Android platform already.

Anyway. So I lost myself in that for a good hour before waking Tobie up.

I'm still feeling pretty drained so we're going to step out for a quick mini-grocery run to restock on greens and other consumables. We'll probably have lunch while we're out and perhaps swing by a toy store (or two) to see what there is to see.

Beyond that, I think I might stay up a bit upon getting home to either unbox some Transformers or play some more LEGO STAR WARS III. Yes, I feel THAT stressed.
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