01453: Trying to Get Back on Track

I think my body is very upset with my recent work schedule. I say this since despite this being the weekend, I can't seem to get a decent amount of sleep in one go. Yesterday I tried to get some sleep immediately after work in order to have enough rest before our game in the evening, but woke up about 3 hours later instead. Thus I ended up needing to retire early before midnight while our game was still on-going, which really sucked.

I woke up again before 04:00am and hung out with Tobie as he updated me regarding what I had missed during the second part of the game session. The day ended with him helping me work through some stages for LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars before heading to bed around 10:00am. But by 01:00pm, I was awake again for no good reason and have't gone back to bed since. This is not the first time that this has happened to me. I know it has a lo to do with how my schedule constantly shifted around last week due to work obligations. This week should be a lot better, or at the very least more consistent. So I hope that I'll normalize in time. Wish me luck.

Beyond that, it's been a nicely slow day thus far. Tobie and I did make the venture to BayLeaf Spa to use up some 50% discount vouchers I had acquired the other weekend. We tried out their signature massage package and it was, well, interesting to say the least. I'm gad that we had the discount vouchers - it's not necessarily the kind of massage that we'd typically go for. And before you even consider asking, NO, there were no "happy endings."

The real treat of the day was Tobie agreeing to try out Ma Mon Luk, a Chinese restaurant which carries with it a lot of history - both personal and otherwise. It has been quite a number of years since I've last had a chance to eat here considering their diminishing number of branches around the city. Given we had just come from the spa, the branch near Banawe was pretty close and despite the Sunday mass crowd we managed to get a table.

The service was just as I remembered it - which means a tad surly and indifferent to your needs with random moments of kindness. But more importantly the food was just as I remembered it. There's something wonderfully distinct about their noodles that always has me eating with gusto and I'm glad that they still taste the same. Also got some of their signature siopao was still as filled-to-the-brim with meaty bits. And it was still dry, but that's nothing the sauce can't fix. It's not exactly food you really rant and rave about or even share with friends in general. I know it's really more of a nostalgia treat on my part and quite the acquired taste.

I'm just glad Tobie enjoyed it and didn't' find it too weird.

I don't think we're stepping out tonight. I certainly don't feel up to it and I know I'll need to catch up on sleep sooner or later. And I certainly feel like spending more quality time with the PS3 or perhaps I can work on boosting my blogging queue reserves even more.
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