01452: Pressure Release Weekend

We have a game on-going right now - it's the on-going Adventure / Aberrant / Aeon Trinity game together with Mahar and Urim. It's a tricky game since we keep switching across time periods. We started the game in 1997 as an X-Men style superhero team and now we've jumped back into the 1930's pulp era as a weird league of affiliated heroes. It's one of those complicated games that will take a while to complete.

Tonight's the night of the big bonfire in celebration of Ateneo's big UAAP basketball victory. I was tempted to write a post discussing the undue attention that the basketball team gets compared to other varsity teams or even just other achievements in the school. Many will argue that this is because of my previous involvement in high school debate or my general lack of ability (and interest) in athletic endeavors, but naturally this will be considered a bad time for reflections of this nature. Perhaps another time.

Tomorrow Tobie and I are thinking of an indulgence day. This means finding a decent enough spa for pampering purposes and some good food. Given how crazy the past work week has been for both of us, we both are in major need of relaxation. I have some discount vouchers for a place known as BayLeaf Spa, so it might be fun to check out for the heck of it. And exploring the Quezon City massage scene has me thinking of Ma Mon Luk all of a sudden and so we may pay them a visit as well. I know they can't possibly be as good as I remember them to be, but nostalgia cravings are irrational in this manner. I guess it's now just a question of whether it'll be a good idea to eat before or after the massage. There are pros and cons either way and it's hard to determine the best course of action at this point.

Otherwise there are no major plans for the weekend. Just rest, relax and shake off the woes of the work week before. I know I keep making references to the work week without going into too much detail, but it was that bad. Oh stress.

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