01450: Trying to Get Back on Schedule...Again

It's 07:00pm and I'm still awake. But I suppose that's understandable since I woke up at around 01:00pm since work had ended at 03:00am earlier today. And I'll be heading off to work at around midnight. These are but a few challenges of the call center life.

Things were definitely a lot easier when I was still of the agent / staff level. During those times you have a fixed scheduled and a very limited set of expectations in terms of what you need to do. But as you move up the ranks, your range of job responsibilities just expands further and further and your schedule becomes this big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey wimey whatever. Hence the train table that is my key time events within the past 24 hours. Oh fun.

Tonight's shift is going to be a major pain to get through. But work is work so what else can you do, eh? And so I need to find a way to get back on my "normal" schedule for the last two days of the week without falling asleep towards the end of my work shift later. Oh joy.

Today I accompanied Tobie to the doctor (small D). He just wanted to make sure that his lingering fever wasn't anything too serious. And naturally it wasn't so that's cool. Otherwise we wandered around Gateway while waiting for his test results -which is a lot more fun than waiting around at a hospital. Hurrah for in-mall branches of The Medical City.

In other news, Tobie had also been nice enough to pick me up from work early this morning. And he didn't just pick me up - he surprised me with this Magic 8-Ball that he had picked up during his initial attempt to go to the doctor.

The Magic 8-Ball will always have greater significance for us. Once upon a time, this was my very first costume to a geek event - which was basically me wearing a black T-shirt with a number 8 taped on and a clear book filled with triangular cut-outs of the 20 official 8-Ball responses.

It took us forever to actually to get one and so it was nice that Tobie finally crossed this item off the bucket list (and I didn't even realize it was on it!) And naturally it makes for fun entertainment with crazy questions and of course delegating random decisions to 8-Ball responses. We're kind of shallow that way.

And at the end of the day, I'm actually kind of tired. I still need to get to work. And I still don't care about college basketball - or sports in general. And you can't make me! LOL

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