0144E: Dead on a Monday

Still adjusting my work schedule given my Wednesday obligations. Yesterday I was at the office by 10:00pm instead of my usual 01:00am shift. Tonight I'll try to get to work no later than 09:00pm. And that should help me get to work on time come Wednesday.

Frankly I feel like crap. My arms and legs feel a bit sore and right now I'm rather sleepy. I had dozed off a bit but now I'm awake again. So will stay awake long enough to finish this blog post and have brunch with Tobie, then I'll be off to bed. I hope.

Tobie has been sick since Sunday, but it looks like he's on the mend now. While his fever is still holding fairly consistently at 38 degrees C, he's a lot more mobile today and not has hot externally. At least he doesn't seem to be weighed down by fatigue as much, so I'm expecting things to go well from this point on.

But now I'm the one feeling rather weary. A massage would be nice, but the week is just beginning and I don't think it would be truly worth it if I go for one now instead of waiting for the weekend or something.

This is going to be a LONG work week indeed. Bleh.

And now it's raining. Brilliant.