0144C: A Weekend of Being Infinite

It's been a rather busy past 24 hours. Where to begin really...

Yesterday my evening plans were occupied by the TLY-oke Night! - a videoke social organized  by the Love Yourself group. It was an okay event, I guess, and it's interesting how my increased participation in TLY events means seeing more familiar faces when I make the trek to the Hub all the way in Malate. I'd like to think I didn't do too badly performing Vertical Horizon's Everything You Want and Michael Johnson's Bluer Than Blue as my two songs for the night. But then again I have yet to get more direct feedback as of yet.

I'm still trying to figure out what my longer term goals are with respect to Love Yourself. I do want to get more involved in the LGBT community at large and HIV / AIDS awareness is a pretty important advocacy that I realize I feel quite strongly about. But my call center life does limit how much time I can allocate to them or at the very least I find that a lot of their weekend activities come into conflict with my sleeping schedules. Even the videoke night was tricky since it started at 06:00pm and I was running on about 2 hours of sleep just to make it.

Today Tobie and I set out to watch the Atalantis Productions run of Nine and then head over to Greenbelt 3 to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Unfortunately Tobie woke up with a bit of a fever and so that was a hindrance for most of the days activities. We still managed to watch both shows, but it was a bit of a close call since he seemed to be running on reserves for most of the day. It was a bit painful to watch, quite frankly. But I really appreciate the effort he put into making sure we achieved our cultural goals for the day.

Nine was a lot more fantastic that I had expected and I'm really glad we got to see the play. We had watched the 2009 movie version some time back and were rather disappointed with it. It was certainly pretty but it didn't feel quite coherent. On the flip side, the stage run was amazing and I loved how they had the various characters play off one another with the singular yet well thought-out set. Good job indeed.

And watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower again was no less insightful than the first time I had gone to see it. I'm glad that I got Tobie to watch it as well, but of course by the end I was feeling a little weird again emotionally. And Tobie knows me well enough to realize why I have so much resonance with this particular story and the way things played out.

So we ended up talking about what I was thinking on the car ride home. It was an interesting conversation.

If anything, I left today's screening thinking about how important it is for us as individuals not to feel like we're alone in this world. Sometimes all it takes is that gentle reminder that there are people out there who care for us and hope that we find our happiness in life. It can be a partner, a close family member or even just a friend who takes you for who you are. These are the people that we need to cherish in this life. And thus we are all able to realize (eventually) that we are indeed infinite.
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