01447: The Hodor Defense

Today the Philippine Republic Act 10175 - The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 went into full effect since the Supreme Court has deferred the vote on the then seven TRO requests filed against the law. Last I check I know an either TRO request has been filed as of today while we all wait for the Supreme Court to meet again en banc. The Palace has finally released a statement about the law, but naturally it's not really saying anything much.

One can feel the slightly different air across social media networks. There's a lot less craziness going on. Not as many jokes or crazy memes as usual. And still a lot of posts talking about the new law with varying degree of seriousness. But at the very least everyone is talking about it still and the issue isn't immediately going away.

There have been a number of jokes about how to get around the law, particularly the criminal provisions against online libel. One of the more popular ones involves excessive use of sarcasm when speaking negatively of the government or related officials. Others have jokingly suggested the use of gay lingo or even jejespeak. And for a while I was even considering Pig Latin.

But now my final defense is to speak HODOR.

Hodor is the gentle giant from the Song of Ice and Fire books. He's quite large and physically quite strong but very, very, very feeble of brain. And anyone who has read the books or watched the TV series would know that all he can say is his name - HODOR. Yes, he's like a Pokemon in that way.

And so whenever I feel like venting something that is particularly frustrating or perhaps potentially libelous, I shall use his very diverse and expansive language. HODOR HODOR HODOR!!!

Come my fellow freedom fighters, heed the call of HODOR!

Photo found on Jenn Rose's Flickr page.

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