01446: Black Tuesday Protests

So today the newly created Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) has scheduled a big "offline protest" at the Supreme Court today as they are set to start deliberations on a number of TRO's filed against the law. I know the bulk of the law means well and it is a much-needed attempt to bring our laws more up-to-date with the times. But this was rather hastily done with very poor wording. So instead of getting it done in one, we're now now going to deal with all these protest and counter-suits first since many of the provisions are vague. And yes, we're especially upset about the way the provisions around libel were worded such that they can encapsulate a lot more than just reminding people to check their sources.

Thus the big Black Tuesday protests are taking place. Apart from the in-person protests at the Supreme Court, PIFA has also called for an online protest, thus the variety of status messages about the law, images depicting its effects and even the blacking out of profile photos and Facebook Timeline covers to mark the occasion. I've taken my own interpretation of the protest since just going black may be a bit vague. And besides, a black and red Autobot symbol is pretty menacing and to me represents what corruption can take place even with the noblest of intentions.

What is nice is how united the local social media sphere appears to be. Normally we'd be dealing with a wide variety of posts ranging from the horribly inane to the deadly serious. Today it seems most folks are singing to one song sheet - that of a unified protest against what this law could mean to the country. And we speak this way since many of us know that we, as a country, have demonstrated that power can so easily be abused as during the Martial Law years. Yes, again there were good intentions back then and there were good things that came out of that period. The price that we paid was far too great indeed.

In other news, Tobie is getting a bad wisdom tooth extracted today, so I may need to brush up on my patience care skills here at the Sietch. Ironically enough, the dentist at my HMO-mandated company physical exam reminded me that I was way overdue for cleaning and plus she felt that I'd need some fillings put in as well. And this is despite fastidious brushing over the years! But yeah, there's no getting away from the necessity of cleaning since it has also been years since my last session.

Bad Rocky, BAD!

Hope Tobie's dental operation goes okay. He's rather nervous, but most people feel that way about the dentist I suppose. But I trust in his dentist - and it's not he's dealing with a stranger. So he should be just fine.