01445: End of the Diablo Weekend

So this was pretty much the end result of yesterday's marathon Diablo III sessions with my brother - finally completing the game on Normal difficulty with brand new characters. It was my first time to try my had at using the Monk and Mildred (the Mighty) is quite handy with her fists. The game's option to choose your sex is a nice quirk that means you get to have a female character acting as a tank, which is predominantly what Mildred did.

I can't wait for the time when I'll finally have my own copy of the game and will be able to take on the hordes of Hell from home. As much as it's fun to visit home and play, I would like to keep on playing even outside of those circumstances. Soon. Soon.

In other news, I'm finally back home and re-settled in the Sietch after my family-ish weekend. Unfortunately I forgot to bring home the charger for my tablet, and thus I'll need to swing by once more to get it before the week is over. I'll either time it for when my brother is already home from school or at least my folks are. We all run on rather different schedules and thus coordinating such pick-ups can be rather difficult at times.

Work again tonight - I hope things won't be too stressful this week. Last week was rather brutal and thus a change of pace would definitely be appreciated. However for as long as I'm alone in the department, I don't think things are going to get better any time soon. Oy vei.
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