01403: A New Journey

I've often compared relationships to being on a journey together down a long road. There are a lot of interesting things to see along the path and you try to experience them together.

The best way to describe things now is that we've reached a bit of a fork and are now on separate paths once more. It's always easier to travel in groups, but this time it has become necessary to forge go on our own for a bit. We don't know if our paths will converge once more in the future, but for now we have our respective journeys to make.

And this isn't necessarily just a bad thing. Either way it's still a life experience - an opportunity to learn more and of course grow as individuals. This means that we won't necessarily be the same people should we meet further down the path, but that too may not be a bad thing. We reached this point since there are opportunities that we all have to resolve. So this is a good opportunity to focus on ourselves as individuals, do what needs to be done and hopefully come out the better for it.

At least that's how I see things. Or I could realize that I'm totally, totally wrong. Then it'll become a question of just figuring out where to go next. One can trust the path only so far. Sometimes you need to be ready to leave the path itself to find your way again.


  1. there cannot be a vacuum in the Universe, and so as something moves out, something must come in and replace it. When change comes, relax, have total faith, and know that the change is ALL GOOD.


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