01402: The State of the Union

So I've sort of delayed writing about this - never quite sure where to begin or what's appropriate to share. So I'll keep things rather brief in the interests of respecting everyone's time.

So I'm single, like really single, for the first time in over 10 years. And for the record (since I found out I need to clarify this too), all three of us are single again. It was an amicable split - one that we felt was warranted even if less than ideal.

And no, you probably didn't see the change happen on my Facebook profile the other day since I manage my privacy settings fairly well. But it's there if you want to look.

People naturally ask How are you? It's a good question, I suppose. For lack of a better term, I suppose I can say I'm okay. Not great nor am I overly depressed. Just okay - and another good word is stable.

Not moving or anything in the near term, so don't worry about. It'll take time to fully determine our internal arrangements moving forward but for now rest assured that we're all generally okay.

I'm okay with invitations to go out, have coffee or even hit the clubs, but I won't necessarily say yes to all of you. Maybe if you treat me - but I jest. This does mean that technically I'm sort of "on the market", but don't expect me to be hitting on random strangers or evening signing up for any gay hook-up sites.

And definitely NO Grindr. Seriously.

I'm okay, and I'll be better. Nothing is absolute in this universe, so pretty much anything can still happen. But in the meantime, I have a LOT of thinking to do, along with some soul-searching and that sort of thing.

That is all.