0139F: Made It to Six Months!

Whoa, it has been six months already? It's funny how time flies - but I'm not quite sure if it feels like it has been just six days or even six years since the ASA Family was born. Regardless, it's a bit of an achievement in itself that we've come this far and only time will tell just how much further we have to go. At the very least, it'll be another interesting journey to take together, which is sort of the case with life in general.

But Monday is a working day, so it's not like we have a time that we can spend on some big celebration for the monthsary. I suppose last night's craziness at O Bar Ortigas with some many friends present should have been sufficient celebration on its own. And so on and so forth...

I expect a busy work week ahead. I have at least three major deadlines floating around with two of them due just two days apart from one another. Plus as expected, my advance blogging queue that I built up prior to the family Singapore trip is all but gone now, so it's back to playing catch-up for the Geeky Guide in order to keep it in "business". Now that I think about it, it is funny how "little" income I make from the blog versus how much effort goes into it. But at the same time, it's nice to think that at the very least, I've been able to break even at least in terms of my domain hosting expenses over the years.

Now if only I'd be able to earn enough money to support all my movie-watching, book-buying and theater-going as well. Then I think it would be safe to say that the Geeky Guide would then be truly self-sufficient.

Admittedly, all the recent activities in the past few months has certainly caught up with me to some extent. My credit card bill went beyond my usual "debit card range" as a I call it given all the trips, shows and other fun geeky things that we've gotten ourselves involved in. That especially holds true after the recent Singapore trip and so I did in fact movie money from my savings to help settle my credit card debt. Now I'm trying to be a lot more prudent in the coming months, although that's a tad difficult considering how many potentially good theater shows are still scheduled to happen and the release of the Fall of Cybertron toyline on the Transformers front. Oh dear.
Meet Fall of Cybertron Bruticus

Ah well, another work night looms ahead. For now we'll see if we have time for a little Icebergs monthsary celebration before I have to try and catch up on sleep in order to re-orient my body clock with my night shift schedules. And that's just par for the course for a call center geek like me.