0139E: Sunday is Today

Today has been decently light given the gloomy weather and yet also eventful. While we had a rather late start to the day, we still managed to brave the weather to catch the Atlantis staging of God of Carnage and we still had time to watch The Dark Knight Rises at The Podium to boot!

Both were very enjoyable experiences to be sure. God of Carnage was a lovely piece that seemed potentially heavy on paper but was actually quite funny in actuality. The cast was totally amazing and the entire production seemed like, well, real life. But funnier. But of course real life is funnier than anything we can come up with fiction-wise!

And as for the last Batman movie in the Nolan trilogy, well, it was a fun adventure as well. It was certainly a fulfilling end to this particular movie franchise and one that made a lot of sense given the Nolan Batman universe. I have to agree with Tobie that the second movie was still better than this one, but it doesn't make this installment a bad movie on its own.

I'd love to write more, but we have to start preparations for tonight's O Bar Ortigas run. Ah well.
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