0139D: I Am My World and the World is Mine

So the low pressure area has upgraded into a proper tropical depression named "Ferdie". Why this name was even in the list is beyond me but all I know is that it's going to put a major damper in everyone's weekend plans.

As for us, we only hoped to catch The Dark Knight Rises this weekend - or at least before someone inadvertently manages to spoil major plot points of the movie over social media. Given a movie of this magnitude and fame, it's bound to happen sooner or later. I really wish people were more sensible about stuff like this, but my expectations remain rather low in this regard.

Initially I thought that it would be of utmost importance that we try to catch this movie at an IMAX cinema. But a review of my post-Singapore finances reminds me that it may be prudent to be a bit more frugal about such ventures and perhaps we're better off just going with a regular cinema. Let's see how things pan out from here.

If anything, we're definitely going to watch the Atlantis Production of God of Carnage tomorrow afternoon. The play features Lea Salonga and is the first straight play that Atlantis is staging given past productions have been pretty much focused on musicals.

Beyond the present, I found myself thinking about the unique circumstances that contributed to my upbringing and shaped me into the person that I am today. I know it seems like quite the heady topic to come up with on a Saturday morning, but I can't quite explain how my mind wanders when I'm on the MRT or walking home. Maybe things were especially urged on by the rain or something, if that makes nay sense.

Sort of my Garfield face
You see, it's pretty certain that I come from a family with rather strong values centered around success. In one way or another, we were all shaped to be winners in our fields and prepared to put our shoulders to the wheel in order to get things done. I feel said strength was derived from our mother and her mother before her - quite the strong series of matriarchs. And heck, even my sister has played the role of a key influence in my life and there's no discounting how that has helped me over the years.

Beyond the intentional efforts related to ones upbringing, one also has to factor the unique series of events that shaped me through experience. And I'm not claiming that my life is in any way better or worse than everyone else's. I'm just saying that what I went through in life coupled with my upbringing and probably my innate disposition as a person all came together into the precise mix of things that let to me becoming the person that I am today. And I know there's value in that given how far I've come in life despite all the challenges thrown my way.

It's not all the time that we take time to remember the things that have made us strong versus those that seem to bring us down. It's far too easy to dwell on the negative So today's a good a day as any to reflect on this and appreciate all that went into the creation of the YOU that you are today.

But if you're not happy with who you are or where you are in life, well, then it's really up to you to change things and chart a new path forward. No amount of self-help books, therapy or psychic hotlines will change that very basic fact.


  1. We are a mixed tape of our experiences.
    And yes, that means sometimes we have to accept our tracks include "The Ketchup Song."

    1. Whuuut?!? Of course I can only imagine this song being danced to by an Spider-Man animated GIF.


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