0139C: Rain, Rain, Snore

Do I look pale to you?
Well, it's raining again. Thankfully I still had my emergency umbrella safely stowed at the office, otherwise I would have gotten home even wetter than I did with its relative protection. It was nothing seriously, quite honestly. It just means wet socks, damp shoes and the ends of my jeans feeling a bit heavier than normal.

But the extra walking was worth getting my banking errands done, despite the fact that my paycheck disappeared in the blink of an eye as I made sure that I addressed my financial obligations. I'm sort of torn between just playing the credit card juggling game and take the finance charges hit for a month or so or I could dip into my savings account and clear my debt that much faster. I really hate touching my savings, but this may be one of those cases when it'll be the more prudent thing to do in order to avoid further financial strife. I really ought to figure out what I want to do today before the weekend rolls in and all the benefits of a regular banking day are lost.

Argh! Stupid problems of our capitalist society.

Work remains busy but not too bad - par for the course considering I was out of the office for a good 4 working days. And there are some potential off days in the future that I need to plan around given our travel plans - assuming everything pushes through. The current weather has me wondering what things are going to be like towards the end of August when things pick up in earnest, travel-wise. For some reason it feels like this is going to be a particularly potent rainy season this year. I don't have solid data to explain why I feel this way, but it's just the feeling that I have.

There's probably a lot more that I want to talk about right now, but I'm too tired to do so. My body is still rebelling against the fact that I'm awake at night again for work. I have to admit that the vacation time spoiled me in a major way in terms of the benefit of living a more "normal" life. So even if I'm getting enough sleep before work this week, I'm still feeling largely sluggish.

So in the meantime I'll give in and try to get more sleep.