01398: The Last Full Day in Singapore

Yesterday was the shopping day - up and down Orchard Road for various odds and ends. I only made a trip out of going to Paradigm Infinitum again to find some geek stuff, and luckily they had a sort of buy 4, get 1 item free deal that made it all the more fun. But the rest of the time was spent going around the clothes boutiques, with my brother getting a lot of stuff in the process.

His relative savvy when it comes to things related to fashion impresses me, especially since I'm still an idiot when it comes to picking out clothes for myself. Case in point, despite going to places like Cotton On and H&M, the only shirts I got were those with geeky character prints. Good job, huh?

Then in the evening we made our way to Chinatown primarily for dinner and so people could buy souvenirs in my case it was also to visit the Tintin shop and pay ridiculous prices for official merchandise. Oh geek bliss.

Today the big trip is to go to Universal Studios Singapore for Mico's first-ever international theme park experience. I really hope he has fun especially since he's only experienced places like Enchanted Kingdom in terms of his limited experience thus far.

And while I had previously gone during a prior trip to Singapore, at the time the new Transformers Ride wasn't open yet. So I'm definitely going to look forward to riding this today and generally going around the park with my siblings. Fun times.
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  1. Penge namang detailed information ng travel mo like airplane fare, hotel accommodation, foods, etc. Balak ko pumunta din ng Singapore sa December so at least alam ko kano ang damage :)

    1. I can't really help you for this trip since my Mom paid for everything. Otherwise, we typically stay with my sister kasi so I never worry about accommodations.


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