01397: The Singapore Adventure Continues

New Orchard Road - Flower Zone
New Orchard Road - Flower Zone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After a good night's sleep and a very hearty breakfast, I feel a lot more human again. Yesterday really took a lot out of me and I know it's going to be an other busy day ahead. Why do we plan these trips so efficiently? We also seem to pack every single moment with some sort of activity, haha. It makes us sound like "professional" tourists.

Today is going to be shopping at Orchard Road, which seems the most touristy thing that one can possible done in Singapore I suppose, apart from the fixed attractions. We may also go to Chinatown today, but that depends on how things go. As convenient as the trains are, that still involves a LOT of walking.

Two more full days in Singapore and then a half-day come Tuesday. Here we go! Let's pray that my feet survive all the walking we're bound to get into. Whew!
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