01396: Quick Singapore Saturday Update


Today's activities included:

  • Kopitiam Breakfast
  • Bought PS3 games at the Food & Electronics Expo (crazy I know)
  • Had another adventure on the train - long story
  • Caught both the Harry Potter Experience and the Andy Warhol exhibit at the ArtScience Museum
  • Wandered into the Marina Bay Sands Wonder Full Show on our way to the train
  • Brought my sister's husband to the airport
  • Finally bought dinner at a nearby kopitiam past 01:00am.
But I also snagged quite a few collectibles, made new memories and totally killed my feet yet again. Damn I could use a MAJOR massage.

One of today's main achievements:

I now have a Time Turner!!!


  1. OMG that is just awesome! I can't wait to see it! Missing you so much love.


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