01395: Beginning Day One

I'm in Singapore people! Together with the rest of my (biological) family that is. It's the first time that we've all been out of the country together and probably the first time that we've all been together for a while - the challenges of leading separate lives with one of us no longer based in the Philippines. So this weekend does promise to be rather interesting.

The trip itself was largely uneventful. It was my brother's first time to fly out of the country so it was a good thing that I had a pretty good handle of what to do. The parents had flown ahead on a prior flight since Mico still had school so I had to wait for him. There was a minor debacle with immigration at NAIA, but I won't get into that now.

The agenda today is to visit the Jurong Birdpark - the only other zoo that I haven't seen in my past Singapore adventures. Dad is keen on going since he can take some great photos of the birds while there since he's quite the photo enthusiast. Then we'll be off to the Night Safari since it's definitely a cool experience that I wouldn't mind repeating and I think my brother should enjoy the little adventure.

Not much time for personal ventures today so that will have to wait for some other time. I expect to have pockets of free time over the weekend so we'll see how that turns out. There are a number of Singapore-based friends who expressed interest in meeting up and I do want to make sure that I find the time.

Oh, and good news about the whole roaming data experiment - things seem to be working for now. So I'm able to keep in touch with family and friends via WhatsApp at the very least - I just wish that Tobie and Prince at home had the app installed as well. Definitely something to look into for future trips. I like this option since I get to save on roaming text messaging fees via focusing on data. Plus my phone isn't totally useless while on the go.

More news to come next time I get to sit down with my computer.
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