01394: Pre-Flight Considerations

Well today's the big day. My bags are packed. My excess gear is stowed away with my mom's check-in luggage and all the other ducks appear to be in their necessary rows. It's just a matter of waiting now. Once my brother is finished with school for the day, we'll be well on our way.

I should be napping now, but I figured I might as well get today's blog entry out of the way before it's too late. It's a thing.

It was nice that we made sure Prince, Tobie and I made sure to have one last brunch together before my departure. And it wasn't anything fancy - just instant pancit canton and hotdogs with some hot Milo to wash it all down. But beyond the food, it was the joy of sharing the moment - even with Yoshi running around being all silly. Some of the best moments at the Sietch are the quieter ones - the ones that just involve us enjoying one another's company.

I trust things will be well. I made sure everything at the office is accounted for in the interim while I'm away. The Sietch of course is well cared for by Prince and Tobie. Yoshi will also be cared for by the rest of the ASA Family. And all that good stuff.

Of course I'm going to miss them and I wish that they were with me on this particular trip. But there's plenty of time for us in the years to come to travel together. For now it's time to focus on my original, biological family in a way that we haven't really done in quite a while. And it's never easy when you all live apart whether it's just across the metro or around the world. But we find ways to remain together and stay connected. It's what all families (should) do, after all.

Next update once we're on the other side. =)


  1. Have a great safe trip love. Prince, Yoshi and I will be waiting for your safe return. We love you so much. DO have fun and give our regards to your family.

  2. Enjoi ur trip! Pasalubong naman d'yan :)


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