01393: Singapore - T-Minus One

So we watched Magic Mike today - me and Prince that is. Tobie wanted to watch it too, but he had work so he was unable to join us. And with the big Singapore trip just around the corner - namely tomorrow - we figured we might as well make the most of the time I have left.

Tomorrow's trip marks the first time that my family and I are traveling out of the country together and the one of the longest trips that I'll be taking without my partners. While I did have that 10-week business trip to the US back in 2008, naturally that fell under the "jurisdiction" of my past relationship. Go figure.

I've tried various experiments with my luggage and it looks like I may end up going over my 7kg hand carry limit. Since my mom didn't buy any luggage allotment for me, it looks like I'll have to either reduce the amount of clothes that I'm bringing or I'll have to ask Mom to take some of my clothes with her in her check-in luggage.  Obviously I'm leaning towards the latter provided I make sure that I meet up with my mom in time before she leaves - they're taking a slightly earlier flight since my brother still has to finish school for the day before we can follow along.

But for the most part I'm ready for the trip. If I don't get to meet up with my folks and end up needing to check in luggage, well, I'll deal with that when I get to the airport. For all I know they'll still reject my bag even though I'm pretty sure that I meet the required dimensions for cabin luggage.

Oh, and we finally tried the infamous KFC Cheese Top Burger - yes, it has cheese on top instead of inside. Prince and were, well, surprised by it. The cheese wasn't your typical cheddar-type cheese that melts over the heated bun or patty. Instead it was a dryer cheese - something like Edam or even Colby (but that would be too expensive) since it was rather salty. And it's cut very, very thinly, so there isn't much cheese to speak of.

Or maybe because it was so little cheese to speak of, excessive toasting hardens it and thus makes it have a weird dry texture. Or it's left exposed to air and thus dried out making it taste weird.

Yes, we knew this darn thing was a marketing gimmick, but we were curious enough to try it at least once. But we're probably not going to order it again. We'll stick to the classic chicken recipe for now and of course the occasional Zinger.

But now to get some rest. I need to get to work earlier in order to go home early and be ready in time for the big trip. Whoo boy!


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