01391: Geekier Pre-Singapore Preparations

Yoshi blogs on the side as well
Over the past two days, I've successfully completed 7 new blog posts for the Geeky Guide as part of my pre-Singapore trip preparations. I hope to get the queue up to a full 12 posts before I leave for Singapore this week so that I won't have too much to worry about with respect to my blogging other than my daily updates here. While it seems almost silly to worry so much about all this given the very limited earning potential of the blog, I guess that's why it's more a passion than anything else.

And the blogging isn't all that "easy", relatively speaking. Every review is something that I've read or watched recently or even played given my recent explorations of Android app reviews (mostly games for now). But I've come to enjoy the activity over the years even though I still haven't earned enough to get even a single Google AdSense check in the mail. I'm pretty close though, but I think that will just cover my domain-related expenses over the years. At least I've met a lot of interesting bloggers along the way and a few quirky readers as well. The joys of the blogosphere  and all that jazz.

And times it even boggles me to consider just how much writing I pour into these blogs, it's almost crazy.

My "I don't want to write any more" face
Work is just around the corner - starting again tonight to be more specific about things. It's not something that I'm particularly excited about given all the deadlines that I'm still dealing with and of course the need to make sure I don't leave any loose ends by the time I leave for Singapore. I shouldn't panic so much - it's not like I've been slacking off the past week or anything like that. But my tendency to over-think things and worry a bit more than is healthy has always helped me stay ahead of the curve in terms of my responsibilities.

As I've mentioned in my prior blog before - my mother trained me to think that if you're not nervous before a test, then you didn't study enough. This simply means that it's always better to be over-prepared rather than to be over confident. And while this never does me any good with respect to my general sense of well-being in the days before such examinations and other deadlines, the fear and the worry do help to keep me on my toes. And that's what will drive a guy to success in the long run, right?

But I'm not all about being stressed out and worried just yet. I am also trying to map out what fun things I can invest time in while at Singapore. While most of our itinerary is bound to be filled with activities with the rest of the family, there are a few points of interesting that I want to watch out for. One of the things that I'm looking forward to is paying another visit to the geeky gaming shop Paradigm Infinitum and maybe pick up a game or two. Too much watching of Tabletop over on Geek and Sundry has me wanting to look for copies of games like Munchkin, Zombie Dice, Castle Panic, and Gloom . And while I could try sourcing them locally, usually we stand a pretty good chance of finding the games already in-stock at Paradigm.

Plus it's just fun to be there. Totally.

Apart from that, I hope to meet up with a few friends over there, provided we have the time for it. It's always going to be tricky to balance out my schedules with friends considering my family-related obligations for this trip, but I'm sure we'll come to a compromise sooner or later.

But now to rest. More Singapore-related thinking can wait for another time.
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