01390: Stay-Home Sunday - Mostly

Well, it's not raining today. Ho-hum.

First, some shameless plugging. First, Prince has started to explore the wonders of blogging about his various experiences - feel free to check it out at The Prince Poi Journey. In addition, Prince has also created a Facebook Fan Page for his career as a poi artist (among other things) - show your support by Liking his page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Prince-POI/439360986103438. And beyond all that, we still have our little family business - A.S.A. Travel and Tours. You can also Like us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ASATravelAndTours.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Today has been nicely light so far. The usual sort of recovery mode that we all get into after a busy night at O Bar Ortigas. I did my best to stay in bed longer but that didn't exactly work out as planned and I woke up much earlier than expected. I suppose one could blame the return of the heat or the renewed surge of humidity today. Whatever. Bottom line - I see a power nap in my future before any further activities can continue on.

It has been a while since all three of us have just been home like this and it seems like a shame to force an activity on everyone. So we've all been largely busy with our own computer-related activities with the TV playing various shows and movies as we play catch-up with various TV shows or random movies that help me achieve my Geeky Guide writing / review goals. For example - it's only now that Tobie and I are catching up on the last season of Fringe as Prince starts preparing dinner.

My computer time has largely been invested in working on my queue of articles for the Geeky Guide. I need to have enough entries to cover the next two weeks and from that point on I should be okay. I don't expect to have much free time while in Singapore so best to get the writing done ahead of time. Besides, I've been meaning to do this for some time now so it's nice to actually have the time to play catch-up. It helps that we don't have any plays to watch or any movie plans given the limited offerings in theaters right now.

Okay, the humidity is making me sleepy. Boo.


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