0138F: Singapore Preparations

I officially have less than a week until the big family Singapore trip and already I'm starting to feel nervous. It's not like I have a truly valid reason to feel this way - I just have a tendency to over-prepare for such trips and naturally my mind is going into overdrive. And since this is a family trip, it means making sure to coordinate our plans together in order to ensure that we achieve all "goals" that we set for the week.

Moments like this I'm most thankful for WhatsApp. While there are many other applications out there that prove to be useful to one group or another, our family has gotten very used to using WhatsApp to keep in touch across the various mobile operating systems that our phones work on. And for that feature alone the app has proven to be quite useful. And when planning an overseas trip it's even more useful than that. Yay technology!

I'm also weighing signing up for one of those roaming plans that Globe has established. Last time I spent over  P1000 in roaming charges, mainly from text message expenses. And I don't think I'll be able to completely get away from texting folks whether back here at home or even to coordinate with my family while we're all in Singapore so this may be a prudent option. I just wish that Globe was a lot clearer in terms of how exactly the plans work. They just mention that one can get up to 75% savings over standard roaming rates and you essentially purchase a prepaid amount of credits for the plan. If I can get away with limiting my roaming charges to just P500 (the minimum plan), then I'll already come out ahead versus the last time.

And then I have little errands that I'm running for friends in Singapore. I'm definitely not complaining about this, mind you. Just documenting that it's part of my current workload.

And beyond all those items more directly related to the trip, I also find myself feeling pressured to build up a sufficient bank of articles for the Geeky Guide. I hope to squeeze in as much writing time as possible this weekend to get the ball rolling sufficiently but naturally we're going to get involved in other things sooner or later.

Hello weekend indeed.
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  1. Mwah, hopefully my line would be back by then, so I can contact you easily. I won't have an iphone, but at least I can call long distance. Share me na lang privately the number I can call.

  2. Wow! When you say family, are you referring to your ASA family? I wanted to go to Singapore too. Hopefully, by December :)

    1. I wish! This involves my actual biological family, hehe


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