0138D: Quick Post Before the Rain Falls

The weather remains one of the main topics of interest for the week so let's continue starting these entries that way. At the moment we're dancing on the edge between a sunny day and a rainy one. Thankfully it doesn't feel overly humid - in fact there's a rather pleasant breeze blowing through the Sietch right now. I can still see the ambient light of the son but we don't exactly see direct rays of sunlight beaming through the windows just yet. But I'm pretty sure that it's still going to rain later today - you can smell the rain clouds riding the wind even now.

Minor domestic achievements - after yesterday's big grocery run (ouch, my credit card...), I was able to pick up my newly repaired leather shoes today. It was only with the recent rains that I realized the reason water was able to seem into the shoe itself - turned out I had worn the shoe down straight through the sole. The shoe repair person was able to upsell me on getting plastic replacement soles to prevent cracking in the future. And while I was a tad skeptical of her claims, it did look better than the rubber alternative that she had been offering. So now I finally have them back and they look pretty darn good indeed. I also collected a pair of pants that Tobie had left for repair along with a few items forgotten during yesterday's grocery run including some olive oil and Parmesan cheese.

At least work was light. I still had things to get done despite it being a holiday over in the US but at least I made progress. Plus such US holiday shifts are nicely light days when I can just focus on the work without too many distractions from my US counterparts. I wasn't totally free from calls though - I still had one from a colleague who was getting some work done despite the holiday. Go figure.

I want to write more but my mind is drawing a blank right now. Oh well. I guess this is my brain telling me to stop blogging and rest instead.