0138C: Updates About the Weather and Such

It's still raining, but probably not as bad as yesterday, if only for the fact that we were given a brief sunny reprieve this morning. But all bets are off now and we're back to the gloomy, dark, dank and dreary weather that comes with the monsoon season. Thankfully it's not a typhoon with gale-force winds and things of that nature. But it's still enough to knock the wind out of your sails and makes getting anything done somewhat out of the question.

Today also marks Independence Day over in the US. For the most part this holiday shouldn't matter over here, but given the nature of my call center related work, it does hold some potential interest. And while my US counterparts will be getting the day off, I will not be so fortunate. But that's not a bad thing given in exchange I more or less get to take advantage of local holidays and there are a lot more local ones than US ones. Small consolations.

But I imagine that tonight will still be busy. I have a few deadlines that I'm still juggling that I want to make good headway on before the big family Singapore trip comes along. That's just beyond the corner and it kind of scares me to consider how much work is going to go into that particular excursion. I shall prepare myself accordingly.

And in terms of the Sietch we've just returned from the big First Wednesday grocery trip at Shopwise. As I've mentioned before, I've reallocated the grocery budget to make the most of the 10x point earning allotment by getting the monthly supplies on this single day. I've been tweaking some of the allocations to get a better feel for things in terms of our actual monthly consumption versus how much I've been buying during previous grocery runs. It's not quite a precise science and one that is borne more of observation and study.

But I think I'm getting closer and closer to a firm grasp of how much we need for general supplies on a monthly basis. The rest of the requirements throughout the period are best addressed via periodic trips to Farmer's Market for fresh produce. Plus you can't beat the quality of the vegetables that you can get there - and let's not even get started on the seafood. Oh bliss.

But now to get some rest. Another work shift looms ahead. Time for the fun stuff later on.
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