01386: Crawling to LGBT Pride Weekend

Today is going to be another vet day for Yoshi, so depending on how this entry flows it may potentially be shorter than usual. The goal today is the complete the rest of his vaccinations to bring him up to code. He already received the bulk of them two weeks ago and now it's time for the last two.

It's interesting to note how caring for a pet is almost like caring for a baby - and probably costs as much. Both have a lot in common (and I don't say this to insult anyone's baby mind you) - just think about it. Both are unable to communicate exactly what they want. They don't exactly go to the bathroom in a neat and efficient manner. We often find ourselves guessing if they want to eat or sleep or whatever. And they demand quite a LOT of your attention day in and day out.

And these aren't exactly bad things - they just come with the responsibility of caring for another living creature. And that's a very, very good thing indeed.

Work is, well, rather tiring this week. Between the work load, some outside of the actual work office concerns (if you get my drift) and potentially the muggy weather, my work week has been tiring. Or maybe my body is still in recovery mode after last week's 3-night O Bar marathon which will again be repeated this weekend with this year's LGBT Pride celebrations - or at least those centered around the White Party.

I could really use a massage - my legs are really killing me and it'll only get worse after another weekend of O Bar. But of course the practical side of me pushes me to just hang in there, get past the weekend and think about a good massage session next week instead. That way I don't "waste" a massage only to go back into the trenches of the local bar scene and repeat the cycle all over again.

Does that even make sense?

Ugh I need more sleep. And a massage. And a looooong vacation. Hang in there, Rocky! July is just around the corner...
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